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Human Papillomavirus Infection - Symptoms of HPV in men

HPV infection in men

Most of the information about HPV ( human papilloma virus ) is centered on women , because nalichiyavirusa increase the risk of cervical cancer . But HPV virus in men can cause health problems , too . It is important for men to understand how to reduce the risk of HPV infection .

HPV infection can increase the risk of developing cancer of the genital organs of a person , even if the cancer is not common . HPV can also cause genital warts in men and women .
Recommended for HPV / Genital Warts

Is there a cure against HPV ?
HPV ( human papillomavirus ) is very common . Suffered more than 20 million people in the United States . About 30 of the 100 types of sexually transmitted HPV . This transmission of HPV can cause genital warts or cervical cell changes and other genital areas , which can cause cancer . Although there is no cure for HPV , the good news is that the infection often goes away by itself . If this does not happen , and treatment is needed , there are many treatments for HPV . In addition , as more people are vaccinated ...

More than half of those who were sexually active in the United States will have HPV at some point in their lives . Most people clear the virus itself , without any health problems .

Risk of HPV infection in men
Several types of approximately 30 genital HPV with cancer can cause anal and penile cancer in men . The second type of cancer is rare , especially in men with an intact immune system . The American Cancer Society estimates that about 1,570 people in the United States will be diagnosed with penile cancer in 2012 . Nearly 2,250 people are expected to be diagnosed with anal cancer in 2012 .

Rectal cancer risk is about 17 times higher than among gay and bisexual men than among sexually active men who have sex only with women . Men living with HIV ( human immunodeficiency virus ) is also a higher risk of getting cancer .

Other types of HPV rarely causes cancer in men , but they cause genital warts . Nadav given time , about 1 % of sexually active men in the United States have genital warts .

Symptoms of HPV in Men
High- risk types of HPV that can cause cancer rarely has symptoms in men or women . Genital warts is the first symptom of the strains of HPV cause warts are low risk , but can not see the cancer .

Testing for HPV infection in men
For the diagnosis of genital warts in men , the doctor to visually inspect the genital area if organovcheloveka warts are present . Some solutions primenyayutuksusny identify warts that doctors should not go . But these tests are not reliable . Sometimes incorrectly identified as normal skin warts .

There is no routine test for men to control high-risk types of HPV that can cause cancer . However , some doctors refer to anal Pap tests for gay and bisexual men who have led to a higher risk of anal cancer caused by HPV . Vanalnom Pap test , the doctor noted the anus and then those cells are examined for abnormalities in the laboratory .

Treatment of HPV infection in men
There is no cure for HPV infection in men when there are no symptoms . By contrast , physicians lechatproblemy vyzvanyvirusom health as human papillomavirus .

When genital warts , different methods can be used . Patients may use prescription creams at home . Or surgery can remove or freeze the wart , a doctor .

Early treatment of warts is recommended by some doctors as genital warts may go it alone . It can also take the time to attend all the warts . Thus , people who treat warts as soon as they appear , the more you may need treatment later .

Anal cancer are treated with radiation , chemotherapy and surgery . Specific treatment depends on the stage of the cancer - large tumor and how far the cancer has spread .
Vaccines against HPV for men ?

Vaccines against HPV Gardasil , approved for use in women in 2006 , has been approved for men in 2009 . Gardisal for boys and men aged 9-26 years for prevention of genital warts , which are designed caused by two HPV types : HPV 6 and HPV -11 . These are two of the four types of HPV that Gardasil targets . At the end of 2010 was also approved Gardasil for prevention of anal cancer .

Manage relationships HPV
If sexual partners dolgosrochnoycheloveka HPV , HPV infection has likely occurred , as well . HPV in men than in women , the body can be easily cleaned . Women usually destroy viruses often two years or less .

HPV types in cervical cancer usually does not cause health problems for heterosexual men who have sex with an infected woman sVPCh .

If partners HPV , it does not necessarily mean they have sex with other people recently . The virus can be covered in the body for years without obvious symptoms .

How to prevent the spread of HPV
Abstinence is the only sure way to prevent HPV transmission . The risk of transmission can be reduced if a man has sex with a person who is not infected and who is also monogamous .

To reduce the risk of transmission of HPV , one can also use the number of sexual partners and choosing a partner who has little or no partner in the past .

Condoms offer some protection against HPV . Unfortunately , they are not 100 % effective , since HPV is usually skin - to - skin . The virus can infect the skin raskrytyprezervativa .

In a recent study of young women who have just become sexually active are those whose partners use condoms every time they have sex infections 70 % more likely than women whose partners condoms less than 5% of the time poluchitVPCh .

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